At Purrfections Cattery we have nine individual chalets.

All our chalets have adjoining exercise runs leading to a safety corridor. Each of our runs is covered and are facing onto our garden.

Purrfections Cattery | Donna Flynn

Family Unit

This can accommodate up to three cats from same household.

It has a larger chalet that can safely sleep three cats. The chalet has a heated pad, viewing windows and an adjoining ladder. The chalet adjoins an extra-large run which excels requirements for three cats.

Purrfections Cattery | Purrfections Cattery

Penthouse Chalet

Each chalet has an individual thermostatically controlled jodel heat pad.

• Extra fluffy bedding
• A viewing window allows cats to watch the outside world
• Viewing shelf with easy access ladder
• The penthouse adjoins a 6ft individual run
• This design allows for the separation of sleeping and toilet areas
• Each chalet can house two cats from the same household

All runs are divided by full-height sneeze proof Perspex barriers. The Perspex is opaque on the bottom and clears on top again giving cats choices if they wish to see neighbours or not thus reducing stress.

Each chalet will be sprayed with a natural pheromone called FELIWAY that is proven to reduce stress in cats

The use of the spray on day one helps your cat feel at home straight away. It replicates the pheromones released by your cat when they rubbing their faces along furniture at home. 

Heating is provided all year round at no extra cost. We provide scratching posts, toys, choice of food and plenty of companionships. However, feel free to bring any items that will help your cat settle into their second home.

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We strive to provide a stress-free homely environment for your cat.

Purrfections Cattery

A stress free homely environment

Donna and her family strive to provide a stress-free homely environment for your cat. Because Purrfections Cattery is small you can be reassured your cat receives lots of human care and attention during their stay. Please note that only vaccinated cats will be allowed to board.

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