Terms &

Please ensure that you read our Terms & Conditions carefully prior to booking.

Vaccinations. Cats will not be accepted for boarding without their current vaccination card for immunisation against flu and enteritis; if you are unsure whether your cats vaccinations are up to date, please contact your veterinary surgery.

Medical History. Owners must inform us at the time of booking of any medical history. We reserve the right to refuse admission of any cat/s who in our opinion show any signs of illness.

Medications. Our cattery will administer medication to manageable cats. However should a cat risk causing harm to our cattery staff or to itself whilst medication is trying to be administered, making it impossible to treat the cat, we may require veterinary assistance. Any veterinary fees incurred in this situation will be charged to the cats owner/s prior to release.

Treatments. Any treatment/s deemed necessary for a cats comfort and well being, for example, worming, flea treatment, etc, will be carried out at the our discretion and charged to the owner/s prior to the cat/s release.

Illness. In the event of illness and/or accident at the cattery a veterinary surgeon at Cavan Pet Hospital will be called to attend and/or the cat/cats may be admitted to the veterinary surgeons care at the discretion of the proprietor. If contacting the owner/s or their representative/s is not possible, any treatment deemed necessary will be carried out without the owner/s consent.

Cats Sharing. Sharing of accommodation is only available to cats from the same household with compatible dispositions.

Neutered. Male cats over six months of age are only accepted if they have been neutered.

Transport. Cats must be transported in a secure and suitable pet carrier.

Contact Numbers. Our cattery will require at least one phone and/or mobile number of a friend, relative or the owner/ in the event of any travel delays or unforeseen problems.

Charges. Day rates are charged on a fully inclusive basis: this includes food, administration of prescription medication, cat litter and heating. No extra charge for heating in winter. Drop Off and Collection Days are charged at full daily rate. However if your cat is collected before 10am no charge will be applied to that day.

Minimum charges. Although short stays are welcomed, minimal charges apply as follows 20.00 Euros

Deposits & Advances. To reserve a place for any animal a completed booking form, together with a 50% deposit, is required from all customers (7 days or more) before a booking is completed, with the balance due on return. All deposits are NON-RETURNABLE

If you wish to avail of pick up and return collection at Cavan Pet Hospital please note this is subject to availability and charge.

Arrival and Departure times must be agreed in advance.